4 Takeaways from Speaking at The Workshop by Bloguettes

I spoke in front of 99 creatives. I was younger than 98% of the audience. It was my first time speaking live about YouTube, but it was one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life.

I attended The Workshop by Bloguettes in Phoenix, Arizona on February 8th and 9th. This event was one of my favorite conferences EVER. Not only was the event space gorgeous and to die for, but attending all the amazing sessions from the other speakers and working with the team was phenomenal.

Thursday, I attended a session by Planoly on Instagram Stories (listen to what I learned in THIS podcast episode). Then, it was my time to shine. As I made a quick bathroom stop before heading to the Speakers Only room, I almost fell backwards down the stairs as I tripped on my long jumpsuit pants and heels. This was a total Hannah moment but I played it off, and strived to make it to the safety of the bathroom.

After prepping myself and getting my mic on, I sat down next to my mom and client Jade! I was so happy to get to meet one of my clients in person; it helped calm my nerves making conversation with her.

As attendees started piling into the room, I got my bottle of water and props and walked on to the gorgeously-decorated stage and introduced myself: “Hello everyone, my name is Hannah Ashton and I am a YouTuber, entrepreneur, and high school student.” The rest went by with a breeze. I ended up having extra time at the end that I was able to fill with 15+ minutes of questions.

I then attended three more sessions, before I hosted my VIP session at the end of the day. There were only 11 women in this session, and it was great to be able have a more intimate audience. I also had my first Redbull. . . they were sponsors of the event and I was THAT tired. It truly wasn’t too bad. 😉

Friday was another great day of networking, learning, and drinking mochas and mocktails. My mother and I also got to explore Phoenix’s beautiful landscapes and fun shops, before coming home on Saturday.

Overall the entire trip was one of my favorite experiences ever and I have Bloguettes to thank!

So why did I just share my story with y’all?

Here are the main takeaways for you all to apply to your own lives that I learned over my trip::

1. Always be open to new experiences.

Last spring I wanted to attend a Bloguettes workshop but wasn’t able to. Little did I know, that they would be specially inviting me to one the following year.

2. Prepare.

I think one of the main reasons I was able to walk on stage with few nerves and deliver my session, was because I felt prepared. I went over my presentation probably more than any other speaker, just because I knew I had to go above and beyond since I was the youngest.

3. Invest in yourself.

I made sure that the morning of, I was ready. I got up many hours before I needed to, had a healthy breakfast with my coffee, and visualized myself giving the best speech of my life. It worked!

4. Stay Inspired.

One of my favorite reasons for attending blogger/vlogger conventions and conferences is just to stay inspired. Being totally emerged in a building with hundreds of influential and brilliant women who share interests with me, was exactly what I needed to spark my motivation. Not only is networking a great way to meet new people but also to learn about what other creatives are up to and striving towards.


If you want to watch my sessions along with all the other sessions about blogging, social media, etc., you can buy the digital ticket HERE. *Affiliate code with Bloguettes*

The event got me so excited for all the future opportunities. Now onto the next adventure!

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