4 Ways To Beat A Creative Burnout

Everyone experiences burnouts. Sometimes it comes right before a summer vacation or sometimes during the busiest season of our lives. Whether you’re ready for a burnout or not, the truth is, it will come.

This past winter, I experienced one of my biggest burnouts. It was around Christmas time and my videos that normally do good with the season weren’t peaking. My subscribers were stagnant or dropping. I wasn’t happy with my appearance and so uploading my face to the internet a few times a week make me very self conscious and I wasn’t happy when I uploaded.

This article on The 7 Stages of a Creative Burnout describes it perfectly.

It happens.

But you can climb your way out of the deepening hole of blank imagination and hours spent beating yourself up for lazy thinking.

Here is how I beat my creative burnouts. And this website itself is proof that great things can come from burnouts.

 1. Change your settings.

This may seem simple, but just leaving the area where you normally work can be life changing! Go to write your next paper in the park, by the river, or in the kitchen instead of your bedroom. Sometimes you don’t have to actually go anywhere. One thing I did during this time of my rut is I rearranged my room. I put together a space in a corner of my room to act as my office. (Tour Here)

2. Stop creating.

No really. Sometimes you have to step away from your work to be able to improve it. When someone with an uncreative job needs inspiration, they are told to find a creative hobby. But when your job is creating (artist, blogger, singer, designer) sometimes we need the opposite. Read something not related to your job or craft, like a novel or beach read. Go to your local coffee shop and just sit and people watch, don’t work on your laptop. Take a week long social media detox, or more if you need it. Whatever you do, take a break. Then come back once you’re refreshed and see where you’re at.

3. Bring on a partner.

Just like having a workout buddy can help you stay motivated to hit the gym, having a creative partner can help you stay motivated with your work. They are great to bounce ideas off of, remind you of your goals, and just go to your nearest coffee shop with when you need a good dose of caffeine and venting.

4. Learn from others.

Reading a memoir or listing to an empowering story can make me want to jump out of my bed and hit my computer full speed. There are SO many influential women and men out there that you can learn from. Maybe if you start engaging with them on social media or send them an email, they would be up for a quick phone call or lunch outing. Talking to inspiring individuals is one of the best ways to beat a burnout because it will remind you of what you can become one day. You’ll realize you want to be in their position, mentoring someone who is in the same place you were a few months or years ago. Now that’s a goal worth having.

So beat that burnout and let me know how you did it! Or share your motivating tips below for others to read.

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