5 Reminders To Help You Be The Best Kind of #BossBabe

A #BossBabe is a woman that aims not just to survive her life, but to conquer it and thrive in every aspect. She is independent, wise, hard working, and, most of all, motivated. I’ve always felt like this should be the goal for us as ladies, not necessarily in a professional sense, but right across the board! I mean, who doesn’t want to be happily living their best life while achieving their goals? I know I sure do.

However, it’s unfortunate how some of us lose our “female essence” in our #BossBabe pursuits. When I say “female essence,” I’m not talking about anything physical like how we look or dress because I would hope by now that we’ve realized we come various packages all uniquely styled and amazing in every way. Rather, I’m referring to those things that make us the awesome women we already are and allow us to do things in the way only we can. So here are 5 things for all of us #BossBabe to remember on our way to the top:

It’s all about balance.

Ladies, as I mentioned before, being a #BossBabe is about excelling in ALL areas of your life. Now let’s be real, we aren’t all going to have it down pat from the get-go and there’s no cookie-cutter perfect recipe for how to be well-rounded. In the pursuit of making our dreams come true and achieving big things, we will have to make sacrifices from time to time, but if you find yourself putting your dream pursuits ahead of other things like maybespending time with your friends and family, or your own mental health, it’s time to reassess. Yes, your dreams are important but at what cost?

Look at the stars in the sky.

I’m so moved these days when I see groups of women banding together to accomplish something. It makes my heart sing simply because I agree that it is time to stop subscribing to the imposed narrative that everything is a competition and only one of us can “win” and come out on top! Gloria Vanderbilt said, “I always believed that one woman’s success can only help another woman’s success.” Mariela Dabbah echoed this sentiment with her view that “women who support other women are confident, generous visionaries.” Lovelies, there is plenty of space for us all at the top, and another lady’s shine does not dull or distract from yours, but together we can all glow and be a beacon that the world needs now more than ever! Just look at all the stars in the sky! We are all majestic!

What grass? I don’t see any grass!

Taking a note from my last point, we’ve all heard that line about the grass being greener on the other side, but today, I’d like to encourage you to develop a convenient case of blindness where that is concerned. The way a friend of mine explained it to me once with a horse related analogy of “wearing blinkers.” Blinkers are basically a pair of small leather screens attached to a horse’s bridle to prevent it seeing sideways and behind and being startled; so essentially, these were like goggles giving the horses tunnel vision. You see, sometimes it’s hard not to compare yourself to someone else and their success.You don’t do it intentionally or have any bad intentions; it’s just your human nature at work. But by wearing blinkers, you keep focused on your own goal. I mean, you can’t notice if someone else’s grass is greener if you’re working hard on your own lawn, right?

Don’t be afraid to reach out.

So we’re being good #BossBabes by letting our fellow ladies shine and working hard on our goals. Sounds great, right? There’s a bit of a problem though. Sometimes we’re so intent on doing both of these things we develop two issues. The first is that we become so full of pride or embarrassed that we become afraid to reach out and ask for help. But why would we shy away from doing this when these other ladies are in the struggle to achieve too? The second issue that we sometimes face is that we’re so focused on what we’re doing, we forget to look around to offer a helping hand or word of encouragement to someone who may need it. Ladies, the path to success is dark and full of terrors (see what I did there? Lol!) If we’re not asking for help when we need it and offering help to others we can help, especially after we’ve benefitted from someone else’s assistance, I don’t think we’re doing this #BossBabe thing right. Remember, according to Madeleine Albright, “there’s a special place in hell for women who do not help other women.” We should want to help each other and that’s what this Hannah Ashton community is all about!

Only your product/service is for sale.

My Unstoppable Queens, this one will be straight to the point: We do not compromise on our morals, values or integrity, regardless of the price tag! As #BossBabes we are our brand, and we only put our best forward. Therefore, because of this fact, we do things the right way. We don’t sell out on who we are and our views; if we partner, it is with brands who know who we are and respect what we are about and support us in that venture. We don’t scheme; we map out great, clear-cut, goal-oriented business plans to progress. We don’t cheat; we work smart and hard for the things we want. We do not compromise for a pretty penny.

And there you have it! Five reminders to help you be the best kind of #BossBabe. Now go forth my petals, and bloom!


Wah gwaan, I’m Karyn .

Or rather, “What’s going on?” in Jamaican patois. I’m just a young woman trying to find her way in the world by going confidently in the direction of my dreams, while helping others to do the same. Creativity, self-expression and self-discovery are things I’m very passionate about.

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