6 Tips to Take Your Food Photography to the Next Level

Hey, Boss Babes! I love making food and taking pictures of it! So today I’m going to share my top 6 tips for taking amazing food pictures! Because, there are some tricks to the trade.

1. Natural Light

If you only take one tip away from this post, let it be this one. Always use natural light when you’re taking photos of anything. All of the colors will look so much better.

If you don’t have daylight when you’re shooting, use a white light for your pictures. If I’m shooting in the evening, I pull out my desk lamp that has a white LED light bulb in it and use that. You really can’t tell the difference between those pictures and the ones I take in daylight.

This tip has completely changed the quality of my photography.

2. Stage the whole scene

When you’re plating food for your pictures, don’t just make the food on the plate look good, build a whole scene around the dish.

Is it breakfast? Make a breakfast in bed scene. Is the dish perfect for autumn? Add a blanket and a book to make it look like a picnic. Get creative with your props they will take your photos to the next level!

3. Contrast between subject and background

Make sure the background is plain, but have it be a contrasting color from the food your photographing.

I use a black sheet behind all of my food photography for the background. It really makes the bright food stand out.

Don’t be afraid to add things into the background to add a pop of color too. One of my favorite shoots was one I did of pancakes where I added a stack of apples in the background. The bright reds and yellows really made the chocolate pancakes stand out.

4. Get lots of different angles and shots

This is my favorite thing. I try to take pictures from multiple angles so I have a variety of pictures to use later.

A typical food photography session for me involves about 50-100 photos, but I usually use maybe 10 (honestly, more like 4). The variety is amazing to have for later.

5. Movement

If you can, add some element of movement to your pictures. If it’s a cup of coffee, pour milk into it (one of my all time favorite shots.)

If it’s pancakes, capture the syrup drizzling over the top.

Or, capture nuts or cheese being sprinkled on top of other things.

Try to find a way to make something move in the picture, this will liven up the whole shot.

6. Edit and Shoot in RAW

If your camera has the setting, shoot all of your pictures in RAW format. (If you don’t understand RAW read this article) RAW pictures are exactly how it sounds, raw, they haven’t been processed by the camera and make editing them a lot easier and smoother.

Edit all of your pictures. Even if it’s something as simple as adjusting the brightness a little bit or changing the warmth of the photo. It will take all of your pictures to the next level, trust me.


That’s all of the tips I have for today, Boss Babes! How are you going to implement these tips into your food photography?

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