6 Ways To Be A Real Life #BossBabe

Okay, let me set the scene: You’re scrolling through Instagram, right? As you go deeper and deeper into your feed and stories, you see gorgeous quality photos and boomerangs from #BossBabes you look up to. You know the pics I’m talking about: with their cute desks, scattered with adorable stationary and of course, the very artistic latte to go with their commendable work ethic and insane productivity. I’m sure they meant for you to feel inspired, and you do a tinsy bit, but you also feel this hint of intimidation start to well up in your stomach.

You want to be a boss babe too, but your life doesn’t look like theirs. You don’t have a cute workspace and your stationary is mismatched and your coffee mug is chipped and worn. Can you still be a #BossBabe? Sometimes you come away feeling distracted and discouraged, not even wanting to put any effort into your own pursuits, but I’m here to dispel the myth and magic behind the staged posts so that you can be a real life boss babe too.

Stop Comparing Yourself

I’m sure we all know about comparing our behind-the-scenes to someone else’s highlight reel, and it continues to ring true! Even when your Boss Babe mentors share glimpses of their process, it’s still edited to be appealing to you, so remember that, and don’t feel so bad.

Get Organized

I’m not talking about having cute stationary in order to take an aesthetically pleasing flat lay photo. Instead, organize your time and space. It might not be pleasing to the eye but if it makes you more productive, then you’re already making #BossBabe moves! Making sure that you’re getting your tasks done efficiently is what’s most important.

Taking a note from the #BossBabes you love to learn from, try to have a dedicated workspace and keep it clean. Make sure you can find all your paperwork and tools to get your work done. Next, planners make a world of difference in staying on top of all the things you need to accomplish. If you’re like me and have never used a planner in your life and the thought intimidates you a bit, look into alternatives such as a bullet journal; it’s much less rigid, completely customizable and may very well be what you need.

In due time you can work your way up to the cute desk and office supplies or may even realize you don’t need it and are better off without it, because you’ve found your own way.

Just Start

The thing about being like a Boss Babe is actually executing whatever you’ve been planning. Whether it’s a business venture or not, I know it can be daunting and you may not feel ready for what you’re about to undertake, but just do it! It won’t always be perfect, but that’s completely okay. As long as you’re attentive to the process and willing to learn to adapt and change things according to your circumstances, things will work out in the end. However, you can’t expect to make any sort of progress on your journey, if you’re standing still. Remember, Lao Tzu said “the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” so make your first step sooner rather than later!

Focus On What You Know

It’s so easy to see what other #BossBabes are doing and think that since it’s working for them, you should just abandon your own pursuits and jump onto their bandwagon. Although you should always be looking to learn from others who may have positive insight, take it with a grain of salt. What works for them, won’t necessarily work for you because they may have a skill set that’s different from yours or you simply may not be passionate about what they do, even though it’s more “feasible”. Just stick to what you know and what you’re passionate about and you will find your way.

Keep Working Towards Your Goals

This point almost goes hand in hand with organizing your time, but in a slightly different way. With this technique, you will essentially be constantly working towards your goals, but with varying levels of effort. So, for some tasks that are larger and take more time and attention, actively schedule them into your day as you see fit. So, say you have a blog post to write or a video to film, set aside specified time to do that. However, schedule other minor tasks that require less intensity into your spare time. So for example, for that post you have to write or video you need to film, you need to do some research; do it in your “spare” time, so you’re still being productive. You don’t always have to do this, but give it a thought from time to time. So instead of going down the YouTube wormhole, opt to listen to a useful podcast instead. You’ll be both actively and passively pursuing your #BossBabe ambitions.

Birds of A Feather

Ladies, I cannot stress what a significant impact it makes on you when you are around people who you can relate to in your #BossBabe pursuits! The old saying that “birds of a feather, flock together” is truly applicable in this sense. Whether for inspiration, encouragement or accountability, it is absolutely necessary and tremendously beneficial for your growth, to find other #BossBabes to bond with. Just the energy does wonders! You can do this easily these days through the magic of the interwebs, by joining groups and communities that are geared towards these things! But at times, nothing beats the face to face banter and motivation that real interaction stirs up! So head to where you think you can find this crowd. Whether at a coffee shop or a library or the record or thrift store or go hang out by a theater if that’s your thing. Seek them out! And remember that “your vibe attracts your tribe”, so make sure you’re giving off the right energy so they will be intrigued by you and be interested in building genuine and lasting bonds with you that will be beneficial to both of you in long run.

I hope these practical tips will help you to reaffirm your #BossBabe goals to be a real life #BossBabe and encourage you to “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.” (Henry David Thoreauand if you master these steps, and still really want that cute latte for the gram, by all means, go for it and tag us, but do it on your own terms!



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Or rather, “What’s going on?” in Jamaican patois. I’m just a young woman trying to find her way in the world by going confidently in the direction of my dreams, while helping others to do the same. Creativity, self-expression and self-discovery are things I’m very passionate about.

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