7 Elements of a Well-Branded Blog

Hey, Y’all! Today we’re going to talk about one of my favourite topics ever: Branding!

Over the past few months, I’ve gone through the process of completely rebranding my blog. That process has taught me the essential elements of branding and how to use them to their fullest potential.

Today I’m going to share the 7 Foundational Elements of a Well-Branded Blog!

1. A Vision for the Present and the Future

Before you can define the details of your blog’s brand, you need to have a vision for your blog. It needs to entail where you want your blog to be in the future and the steps that you’re going to take to get there.

2. Niche/Topic for the Blog

Once you know where you want to take your blog, it’s time to define the path that will take you there. The word ‘niche’ is kind of hated in the blogging world because people find it restricting. But to be completely honest, if you don’t have a niche for your blog, it will be very hard to grow your audience.

To attract the right people to your blog, they need a reason to come back to your blog – whether that’s vegan recipes, Pinterest tips, street style outfits or anything in-between.

3. An Understanding of Your Target Demographic

Once you have a niche for your blog, it’s time to define who your target audience or demographic is. Have fun with this! It’s best to start by researching the kind of people who want to read your content. Think about what their favourite things are. What they struggle with. What have they overcome in life? What parts of society or their lives are they tired of? What are they passionate about? Etc…

4. Graphic Design

Now comes the fun part! It’s time to jump into graphic design!

Before you can get into the details, you need to decide what colours and fonts will make up your brand. Then you need to take those elements and design templates for your website, social media, and email marketing! There are tons of different free websites that you can use to design your logo but Canva is my favourite and is what I used to create all my logos.

5. Website Design

Your website is the very foundation of your blog. Because of this, it’s essential that your website layout attracts your target audience and fits perfectly into your brand.

It doesn’t matter if you design your website yourself or hire a developer to do it, it just needs to fit your brand.

6. A List of Content Topics and a Content Plan

Writing up a list of topics for your blog’s content will save you a lot of time down the road. Once you start doing this you can brainstorm endless numbers of blog post ideas from this list.

Once you have a list of ideas for your content, you need to write up a content plan for your posts. These posts need to be strategic to attract the right audience to your blog. Remember, if you try to please everyone you will end up pleasing no one.

7. Email Marketing

Now, this is a topic that I’m still learning a lot about. I’ve learned that it is essential to retain your target audience once you attract them. Your emails need to fit the brand that you’ve already laid out for your blog posts.

Well, those are all the elements that I have to share with you today! Does your blog have all these elements? Which ones do you need to work on?

Remember, knowledge is only useful if you put it into practice.

Much Love, Heather

Hi, I’m Heather.

I share a message of positivity, authenticity and love, through posts about life, food, motivation, and other things that interest me on my blog.

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