How to Write a To-Do List for Success

I’ve struggled with being productive for a long time. My brain is very forgetful and if I don’t write something down, I immediately forget it. Learning how to write To-Do lists that I could actually accomplish every day has helped me immensely. Today, I’m going to share my process for writing a To-Do list for success.

Keep a ‘Master To-Do List’ of Every Task You want to accomplish in the future.

I keep this list in the back of my planner and I use it as a place to braindump ideas so I don’t forget them. Whenever I’m working on something and I’m reminded of something that I need to do for my blog or job in the near future, I write it down on this master list with a little box to check when it’s accomplished.

Write a Monthly To-Do list with as many of these tasks as you think you can accomplish.

Every month, pick one to three tasks for each week from your master To-Do list. You don’t need to assign these tasks to specific days, just make a list of 4-12 tasks that you want to accomplish in the next month. If you have extra time at the end of the week/month, you can add to this list.

Divide each task from that list into all of the steps it takes to accomplish.

Now, take that large list and break down each task into all of the steps it will take to accomplish the task. For example, let’s say I want to write a  blog post for my blog, my list would look like this:

Large Task: Choose Blog Post Topic

Little tasks needed to complete the large task:

Outline the main points of the blog post

Choose a keyword to optimize in the post

Write the blog post

Add in the main broad keyword and lots of long tail keywords to the post

Edit the blog post

Check the grammar and spelling of the blog post

Choose images for the post

Edit the images if needed

Add the images to the post

Make the Pinnable image for the post

Add the image to the post

Add the description, tags, and category to the post

Publish the blog post

Pin all of the images to  Pinterest and add a description and hashtags to them

Promote the blog post on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Add a link to the post, the pinnable image, and a description of the post to my weekly email.

Answer all comments that I get on the post

Make a list like this for every large task on your monthly To-Do list. Now, instead of just writing ‘Write Blog Post’ on my daily To-Do list, I can pick the exact amount of these tasks that I can accomplish in that day and I don’t forget any of the essential steps that it takes to write a good blog post.

Write a weekly To-Do list from the broken down list

Now, go through your monthly To-Do list and prioritize which items you want to accomplish that month and rank the whole list.

Assign 1-3 tasks from the broken down step list for each day of the week for the whole month. It’s okay if your monthly To-Do list is a little too long, you can always come back to extra things when you have spare time.

Assess your To-Do Lists at the end of every week

Review all of your To-Do lists at the end of each week. Did you accomplish all of the tasks you assigned yourself? Did you have spare time? Did you have too many tasks and not enough time? Make some notes to remember for the next week. Then, check your plan for the next week and month and decide if you want to add tasks or save some tasks to do more in the future.

And, that’s all of the steps that it takes to have a successful To-Do list! Using these steps will help you become more productive and get everything done that you need to do.

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