How To Increase Your Blog Traffic For Free!

Have a Niche for your blog – Figure out who your desired audience is and write for them

If you want to get steadily increasing blog traffic, you have to know what to write about every day and who you’re writing for.

The most important thing to remember is that you can’t please everyone. You have to decide who you want to write your blog for. Do you want to write for young entrepreneurial women? Do you want to write for middle age stay-at-home moms? Do you want to write for the female millennial who’s in college and working 2 jobs? Do you want to write for yourself? You need to decide this now. If you’re unsure, use Instagram analytics to see the biggest age range of your followers, this will give you some insight into who you’re promoting your blog to and who is reading it. My biggest age range is on the border between 18-24-year-old women and 25-34-year-old women.

I write my blog ( for the young girl boss. The woman who is working, whether in college, at her own business, as a mom, or something else. I’m writing to inspire her to be more productive, to live a healthier life, to be okay with talking about tough things like mental illnesses and death, and most of all, to be authentic to who she truly is.

Once you have a niche for your blog and know who your desired audience is, you know where to promote your blog posts to get them read. If you’re writing to female millennials you probably don’t need to use Facebook as much. You’ll probably find your following more on Instagram and Twitter. I’m not saying to disregard Facebook entirely, but don’t spend as much time there. Or, if you’re writing for middle age moms, you’re probably not as likely to find them on Twitter. They’re more likely to be on Facebook. Keep your target audience in mind in everything you do for your blog.  

Write Amazing Content Regularly

This is probably the most basic tip, but it’s very important. Before you can promote your blog posts, you have to have blog posts to promote.

You HAVE to post quality content regularly. Start slowly, post once a week. But, have a specific day you post on and tell your readers about it. That way, they know when to come back to your blog for another post and they can schedule reading it into their weeks.

Remember, every piece of content you write and post is an extension of your brand. Make sure it fits with your brand and your desired audience. If you’re a fashion blogger it wouldn’t fit with your brand to do a recipe post all of a sudden. That’s not why people come to your blog.

Have Social Media Buttons on your Blog and Link to them in Your Posts.

Make sure you make good use of all of the social media buttons you can have on your blog. Use Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and more to get your blog posts in front of the eyes of the people who are looking for them. Social media is free advertising that only takes a little bit of time and planning. Trust me, it is well worth the effort that you put into it.

With every blog post you write, find creative ways to add in little plugs for your social medias and link to them. Maybe ‘If you want to see more pictures like this, click here to check out my Instagram.’ Or, ‘If you like this post, make sure to share it on Facebook and Twitter (and link on the words) and Pin it to Pinterest (and add your link to your Pinterest.)

Have an Email List or Email Subscribe Button

I personally, do not have an official email list set up yet. has a free plugin that I use for people to subscribe to get emails when I post a blog post. I don’t get a lot of traffic from this, but I hope to change that over the next year.

Set Aside Time to Promote Your Posts

Every time you write a blog post, set aside some time afterward to promote it on social media. You will thank yourself for this later.


Facebook was my number 1 referrer for my blog in 2017. I got almost three times as much traffic from there than any other place!

First things first, make a Facebook Page for your blog. Make it for that alone. Then, post a link to it EVERY time you post a blog post. Add a little enticing question before the link to encourage people to click on it. For example, “Do you need a delicious, healthy, easy, and quick recipe for breakfast? Do you love chocolate, bananas, and peanuts? Are you trying to eat low carb or gluten-free? If you answered yes to any of these questions click the link below to check out the newest recipe on my blog, Banana-Oat Peanut Chocolate Chip Pancakes.”

Once you have a blog, a regular posting schedule, a Facebook page, and posts on your Facebook page, join some Facebook Blogging Groups. These are incredible for networking and getting your stuff out there!


Make sure you have a public account. This way, people do not have to ask for access to people see your account. Also, they can see your pictures right away and decide if they want to follow you. I personally do not like to follow private accounts unless I know the person.  

Make it a business account by connecting it to your facebook page. The analytics you can see from this is amazing and so useful. I love being able to see where everyone is coming from.

You have to have aesthetically pleasing content to get anywhere on Instagram. So make sure your pictures look professional! Either use a really good camera (most cell phones have a decent camera) or hire a photographer to take them. My little sister is an amateur photographer and she takes all of the pictures of me on my Instagram (except for selfies). We have a lot of fun going out and taking pictures. Also, be sure to play around with editing your photos. This way you can make them all look really similar and have a cohesive theme.

Additionally, the more regular you post, the more your engagement and followers will grow. I try to post on Instagram every day except for Sundays. I use a free app called “Preview” to plan out my Instagram theme. Trust me, it makes it so much easier to post if you know exactly what you’re posting for the next week.

Use hashtags in every post to increase engagement. Be sure to use a bunch that have a lot of viewers and some that only have a few. When you have free time, search the hashtags you use and like or comment on those posts. Maybe even follow the accounts that fancy you.

Ask questions in the caption of your posts to encourage engagement. Ask your followers to tag someone who would do something in the post or who likes something in the post. For example, “tag someone who would totally wear this dress.” This doesn’t guarantee that someone will actually do it, but you never know till you ask!

Make sure you link to your blog posts in your bio and add a little blurb beforehand to tell people where they will go if they click the link. I use the hand pointing down emoji and the title of the blog post or a summary of it.

Furthermore, since you can’t put links into your actual posts add a little blurb in your post telling your followers about your newest blog post. Encourage them to click the link in your profile to your blog. And/or put a little blurb on your Instagram story about your post. Use your story to promote your posts as your writing them. Have launch times so know when to visit the blog to read a post. Use polls to figure out what people want to read on your blog. There’s so much you can do with Instagram stories to build up your community!

Most importantly, be active. Follow other people in your niche, like their posts, and add genuine comments on them.


If you’re not already using Pinterest for your blog, then you’re missing out. Pinterest is a search engine for anything! Make sure you have the Pinterest plugin on your blog. Make a “pinnable” image for every blog post and make them all have the same look so that people will know it’s your blog that they’re seeing on Pinterest. A pinnable image is a portrait image that’s quite long. It has both words and pictures on it and they need to entice the reader to click on it to go to your blog.

Along with that, join blogging group boards. Search on Google for Pinterest Blogging Group boards and tons of resources will come up. Once you’re a part of these groups, pin your pins to them and pin from them and watch the views start to roll in.

Make sure you’re active on Pinterest and are pinning other people’s stuff. The more boards and pins you have, the more likely people are to follow you and visit your blog.

Twitter and Google+

I love to use Twitter more to network with other bloggers and share their stuff. Mine is still pretty small and doesn’t have a huge ROI, but I enjoy using it so much. I do try to share a link to my blog post every time I write one.

I have my Google+ directly connected to my blog and it automatically posts on their every time I publish a blog post. But, I don’t really get many views from there normally so I don’t worry about it too much.

I know there are lots of other platforms out there that you can promote your blog posts on, but these are the ones that I use and that I’ve had a lot of success with. If you implement any of these tips you should totally let me know on my blog! I love sharing this knowledge with everyone.

And, that’s all Boss Babes! I hope you learned a lot from this blog post. Comment below which tip you’re going to implement today! Because, you can have all of the knowledge in the world about something, but if you don’t use it, it’s pointless.

Hi, I’m Heather.

I share a message of positivity, authenticity and love, through posts about life, food, motivation, and other things that interest me on my blog.

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