Interview With a 13-Year-Old Entrepreneur

Hey guys, it’s Hannah! Today I have a special interview to share. Meet Sophie––a girl beaming with vision, passion, and serious business skills. And guess what, she’s only 13! I got to meet Sophie when we competed at the Young Entrepreneurs Academy in Rochester this past May. After hearing her story I KNEW I had to share her amazing business with you all. She is also a living testament to the fact that it is never to early to pursue your passions. Enjoy!

1. Tell the reader’s a little bit about yourself. (Age, grade, hobbies, attributes)

My name is Sophie Sajnani, and I am thirteen years old! I am taking acting, violin, and tennis. Along with that, I hope to foster global awareness among my friends and classmates, whether it be by opening up a business related to my German heritage or learning a new language like Chinese.

2. How did Taschen begin? What does Taschen mean?

Taschen’s first innovation is a daily all-in-one accessory for today’s barrier-breaking and dynamic youth. It formed as an idea in my mind when I discovered my school locker to be too small for my big backpack. Taschen has two meanings in the German language; art and bag and was a natural choice for the company. It represents my mixed cultural background and gives the company an international feel.

3. You say your bag offers style and function. How did you design a bag that fit all your needs?

Assisted by the Young Entrepreneurs Academy, I drafted my ideas, developed a business plan and established a manufacturer relationship.

Along with being picked by my state Young Entrepreneurs Academy for the National Competition, I applied my designs to the field of science.

The Taschen bag itself can transform to suit the needs of youth like myself, shrinking down from a backpack to a travel-friendly messenger bag if you’re on the go or even an uber cool handbag for nights out.

4. What has been the biggest struggle of running a business as a teen?

Being a female as well as the age gap between my community members and myself makes it harder for me to gain their support and encouragement, which is why every customer matters to me.

5. What lessons have you learned? What has entrepreneurship taught you?

As an entrepreneur, I have learned to not run a business to sell a product but rather to share my beliefs with others.  Here at Taschen, I want other girls to understand that their ideas are valued. Nothing should stop them from drawing up their own business plan. In fact, entrepreneurship has taught me to have endurance, so that I will never give up.

6. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

In 5 years, I see myself attending university on the East Coast.

7. What is your mission and share your biggest dream?

My dream is to work on Wall Street someday (#girlboss), so I can support and give my family the life they deserve.

8. Tell the readers something no one else knows about you! (business or personal related)

Sometimes, when I am stressed out, I pull out my eyebrow and eyelash hairs.

9. What is a piece of advice someone has told you that has stuck with you during this journey?

The best advice I have received is to “kill em with kindness.” Even Selena Gomez wrote a song on this!

Hi, I’m Sophie!

I’m thirteen years old and I’m taking acting, violin, and tennis. I also hope to foster global awareness among my friends and classmates, in any way I can. My business is Taschen Bags. Check it out!



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  • I love Sophie’s idea of entrepreneurship as primarily an opportunity to sell ideas/beliefs over mere products. Her passion to encourage other young girls to also achieve their dream reflects her strong sense of community and leadership!