How To Study Like A Pro

I want to take the time to note that everyone does not learn the same yet it seems as if 90% of teaching style is all the same. We go to school, sit in a class, the teacher points to some fancy diagram and then we leave the class understanding nothing that has been pitched to us for the past hour and a half. I hate when I feel lost during class Learning is simply getting familiar with your learning style and the subject you are learning about. I want to share a few tips that I have learned along the way that have helped to basically master any subject. The three tips I want to talk about is understanding your learning style, utilizing study groups, and taking planned breaks. There are many other things that contribute to better studying habits but I feel that as young adults we forget how big a role these play in how much we retain from the test.

1. Figure out your learning style

The first tip is to find out your learning style. Before you can determine which learning style best suits you, you might want more information on the different types of learning styles. There are three basic types of learning styles: tactile, audio, and visual.Tactile learning style is when physical movements help to remember the subject better. For example, the motion of taking notes during a lecture, re-writing practice questions, and getting hands on experience with the subject. Audio is when hearing helps to remember the subject better. For example, taking less notes while the lecture is going on and listening carefully to understand instead. Another helpful example for auditory learners is to have recordings of lectures so there is a second opportunity to listen. Visual is when seeing the subject helps to remember the subject better. For example, use of diagrams, use of slideshows, and recreating your notes on a smartboard.

2. Use Study Groups

The second tip is to utilize study groups. Remember that you are not the only one in your class. For most of us we go to school in person versus going to school online. Your friends are usually more than willing to spend 30 minutes trying to help you pass a couple classes with them. Friends usually care to help each other out and they won’t see it as a daunting task. To create a study group can be as simple as texting “Hey, I was wondering if we could get together to go over a few biology concepts with you at Starbucks after school on Thursday”. Then to show how much you appreciate your friend for coming out you can offer to buy them Starbucks coffee and who knows next time they may ask you out to study too! I also really like the idea of study groups because for some people we get nervous when questioned about information. This gives you a chance to be more confident in the information that you know and to refresh the others who are participating in the group.

3. Take Breaks

The third tip would be to take breaks. I know you are probably thinking, yes! This is what I am good at! Keep in mind that studying for several classes at a time can feel overwhelming even if you don’t notice it.When you take breaks they have to be done strategically meaning if you study for 30-60 minutes then should take a 5-10 minute break. You may even study for 2 hours straight before you feel that you need a break. However, taking a study break gives your brain time to refresh. Sometimes coming back to the material after a break our mind will see the material in a new light. This will allow for us to understand the material better.

Taking time to understand your learning style allows you to use methods that are more efficient for you. Utilizing study groups helps to keep you accountable of material that you need to work on. Taking planned breaks whilst studying gives your mind a chance to refresh. Remember to take the time to implement your best learning style into your studying at home. Getting used to good study habits can take time but the more you practice these habits the better learning can be as an experience for you.


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