The Purpose of Blogging

Why is blogging important?

Many people might ask, “what is the purpose of blogging?” or “why is blogging important?” Blogging is important because it creates a platform for freedom. On this platform, we bloggers, can put our thoughts, ideas, and theories to the test. The purpose of blogging is different for each blogger, but most bloggers post to positively influence the audience, become a lifelong learner, give advice and to build an online community. Blogging can mean different things to everyone, but it is entirely what you make of it.

1. To influence others

The main purpose of blogging is to influence others. One can influence others with their experiences and activities. For example, if I share a post on a volunteering project that I participated in, others will get a glimpse of the experience. This can spark an idea. Bloggers can inspire good ideas to their audience. The thought of volunteering has been brought to the attention the audience, therefore they might feel empowered to take action. They might even want to find a volunteer project of their own. Bloggers can influence others by making them aware of things going on in the world and influencing them to support a specific cause.

2. To learn

Blogging also helps you to become a lifelong learner. Whether you blog about entertainment, fashion, politics, beauty, lifestyle, or food, in order to continue to grow one must continuously do research. The more you research, the more you can shape your thoughts and get deeper into subjects you enjoy talking about. As your audience comments, they can bring about a discussion that everyone can take something from.

3. To create a community

Blogging can help create a community. This community consists of like-minded people, and is helpful when you feel like you may be in an environment or around people you feel you have nothing in common with, such as in your classes at school or at your workplace. You can create a space for people to grow. The discussion from your audience and your input can guide a blog. One of the best parts of blogging is that most of the comments are from people who are interested in the topic in which you are writing about. You can create a community of like-minded people and feel a sense of belonging along with them.

All in all, blogging allows you to be the voice for those who need it. Your blog can become a platform of freedom to which you can publish whatever you please. Remember, it can be as creative or as serious as you want! It can be as colorful or plain as necessary. It can be as focused or vague as you desire. Personally, I enjoy how flexible it can be; I can share what is important to me and in a different post be lighthearted with a video and share a few fun things to do during the holidays.

So I’ll leave you with this: What is the purpose of blogging for you? Remember, it can be different for everyone. To find your purpose, check out different blogs, expand your mindset, grow with others. Help others with a project or create one of your own! The most important aspect is to make sure you are having fun along the way!

Hi, I’m Annette.

Known for my silly personality I am a lifestyle blogger. I enjoy volunteering, learning to do makeup, reading books, learning to cook, and developing myself as a person.

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