The Road To The Gal Getaway Conference with Kahlea Nicole Ep. // 32

The road to Gal Getaway–a creative movement led with passion and driven with community that hosts girl power events and trips all over the world––wasn’t a smooth one. Founder and influencer Kahlea Nicole shares her struggles as a student whose main focus was her business, and how she hosted a conference and multiple events from scratch.
You’ll Take Away:
-the importance of relationships when it comes to sponsorships
-how someone’s “perfect journey” may always not be perfect
-what are brand pillars and why you should have them in your business
-the inside scoop of the Gal Getaway Conference from worst to best moments
-how you can start hosting your own events

WARNING Kahlea’s energy is CONTAGIOUS and this episode may make you want to start your dream right away.




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