How To Use FALL to Boost Your Following, Likes, and Engagement

Ahhhhhh the time of pumpkin spice, bonfires, football games, and chilly nights cozied up with a movie has {fall}en upon us. 😉 I’ve hopefully brought you a warm, happy feeling just by the sentence above. Chances are, if you’ve had great experiences with autumn in the past, then you are a sucker for a hayride and scary movie. And so are many others! 

This time of year YouTubers, bloggers, tweeters, and ‘grammers are all posting about their first PSL and their new mustard yellow sweaters. Why? Because that stuff sells (or brings likes and retweets that is)!! 

Taking advantage of the seasons is how you can grow your likes, followers, subscribers, ect. Every season can be used to your benefit as a content creator; but today let’s talk about a personal favorite, fall. 

How To Use Fall in Your Content:

1. Let your followers know your favorite fall treats. (bonus: you get to eat your favorite fall treats)

Are you a fan of pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin, pecan pie, hot chocolate with loads of whip cream, or an apple cider spritzer? Make your treats camera ready, have a photo shoot, and watch the likes flood in. Many Instagram users are obsessed with food pics. Add in fall and it’s a recipe for increased exposure.

Pretty Food + Fall = Increased Exposure 

2. Share your spookiest and coziest Netflix finds.

There are few things in the world that I believe can bring world piece––a connection over Netflix shows is one of them. People love to binge shows on chilly autumn nights and people love to tweet and tell about their love of binging. Initiate the conversation on your platform and start curating awesome engagement just by mentioning your fave parts of your fave shows.

3. Fall colors are AH-MAZING for vibrant pictures.

I feel your pain if you live in a place where leaves don’t change those gorgeous colors and fall to the grown as a chilled breeze brushes your face. I love where I live for this reason! Changing leaves are quite the experience… and capturing them in a shot can brighten up your feed and catch the eye of an average scroller. One Instagram leaf shot and you’ll want to change your whole theme to burnt orange.

4. Show off your comfy, cute style.

Fall fashion is iconic. I can be lounging in my dad’s sweater, legging, comfy boots and still be ready for an Instagram worthy picture at any moment. I am sure your followers would love to see your go-to football game, apple picking, or movie watching outfits!

5. Enjoy the season.

True you can manipulate each season so that every festive thing you do is Pinterest perfect, but where’s the fun in that? Enjoy fall, and every season, and then worry about sharing your day. When your followers see you are enjoying life and are real about what you post, they’ll love it even more!

Thanks for reading! Now go enjoy this fall day, snap some pics, and let me know how you use seasons to relate to your audience and build authentic online connections!

   Keep Creating, Babe!

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