What’s It’s Like Being A Part of “Girls Who Code”

Women Empowerment is something that helped lead my direction at a young age towards the importance of inclusiveness in women in every career field. I was a part of Girl Scouts. We learned about women from many different cultures who helped shaped the world we lived in. Then in high school, I applied to be a Girls Who Code student. Girls Who Code or GWC is a program where you can participate as a summer student for a two- month long immersion into learning about what coding is and work on a few projects. The second option is to be in the yearlong club at the school. When I went through the program I participated in the GWC Summer Immersion––it gave me a totally different outlook on what technology was and how women can be involved in it.

A couple years later, and now as a GWC Alumni, I am giving back to the community by leading a Girls Who Code Club at a local school. Leading this club has given me a chance to see where my own strengths and weaknesses lie. We faced several challenges but found ways to overcome them as a group.

For example, we faced challenges in the beginning with accessing certain coding sites because they had not been screened. In that moment, I learned that preparation is key. You must think about all the resources that are needed to run a program successfully, and test them out before you need them.

Prepare yourself! When I pitched the idea to hold the programat the school, they were excited. I was too, because that was the reaction that I was hoping for. They even asked for me to launch the club within a week. Getting caught up in the excitement, we agreed to begin the following week, in order to give everyone time to prepare.

In hindsight, I know that to have properly started the club, I should’ve taken about 3-4 weeks of planning. First, to notify both the students and parents. Second, to assemble a team to assist me with this project. Instead, I felt as if my best performance was not given to the GWC students. It took longer to get it to the point of progress where I felt it should be.

Most importantly, when there were challenges that we faced in the GWC Club I do not keep them to myself. Instead, I problem solved with the students. This was crucial because it gave them a chance to generate input, therefore giving them a voice. A voice of confidence is so important. They know that if a problem arises, they are not afraid to challenge the problem but embrace it as something they can overcome.

Confidence is something that takes practice and is necessary in order to get past the inevitable challenges we may face. Sometimes it is hard for young women to feel like they belong in the world of technology because it is a heavy male dominated workforce. For women to decide if she wants to have a career in Computer Science is amazing!

Although this career field is tough, tough things are acted as if they only belong to the male population. Women face the challenge of feeling as if they must prove themselves to these type of career fields. Because women seem inferior to men, we have to push ourselves harder to be a consistent and reliable team player. Show them that we can work harder if not better than males and should not be overlooked because of our gender.  Regardless of whether a Girls Who Code member decides to do a technology related career they have learned that they are capable of the concepts it takes to dive deeper into learning about coding, computer science, etc.

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