Why You Don’t Need a Big Following for Big Opportunities

Some creative entrepreneurs may think that if they don’t have “this many followers” then they aren’t going to get big brand sponsorships or promotion opportunities. However, this is not the case. Many brands look at audience engagement, audience retention, and your Views to Follower ratio. It’s not all about the number of subscribers, followers, etc. It’s about the soul that you put into your content.

My friend, Lauren Taylor, has a personal testimony to this idea. She, although has many followers, does not have as many followers as one would think she would need to work with the successful brand Aerie by American Eagle. She started tagging Aerie in her pictures of self-love, and after a bit, they reached out to her to join their campaign! Aerie is all about no touch-ups and body acceptance. They reached out because they loved Lauren’s content and channel personality. Lauren loved what she was posting, and so they loved her.

I also have a testimonial to this title. At the beginning of 2016, The ACT reached out to me to do a video for them with a high budget. I was thrilled as every high schooler knows what the ACT is, and it was incredible that such a big brand had reached out and it was my highest paid gig at the time. I don’t think they chose me based on my subscriber count; it was more because I was a fellow high school student taking the ACT. Fellow test takers could relate to my video and channel. Demographics is another reason why a big company may reach out to a small following––you might just reach the right people.

So how do you get these brands even to your page? You can start small and tag the brand in related posts like Lauren did. Or maybe use their hashtag in a description. Also, don’t be too quick to deny a small opportunity. Taking advantage of small opportunities is great for getting yourself out there for big opportunities to see. It may not seem like the small campaign or interview would benefit you, but maybe just the right person will stumble across it and BAMB there ya go.

The moral of this article is that numbers and statistics don’t always matter. Some companies may just like the feel of your brand better than another and so they choose you. It may be that you reach the demographic they want or you are the perfect “look” for their brand. So don’t doubt yourself and your small following. Just create content that makes you happy. Content that you are proud of. Content that is true to you, and I am sure there will be an exciting opportunity out there that matches perfectly.

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