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4-weeks to launching and sustaining
successful YouTube channel

youtube course

6-weeks to launching a
successful YouTube channel
Including personal consultations
with Hannah Ashton!




Wouldn’t it be a dream come true to create your own YouTube channel where you can share your passions with millions of people across the world? Unfortunately, you might not reach that dream because you don’t know where to start, you get frustrated with your content, you aren’t consistent, and you give up way too fast. Am I right?

I know, because I’ve been there myself!

This is exactly why I created this course for you!

With my five years of experience on YouTube, I will guide you step by step to create your very own YouTube channel through a few simple strategies. This course isn't a formula for quick success (if you want to do something right, it’ll take some time), but I can guarantee that by the end of this course, you will feel excited to film every week, confident in your content, and start growing a successful YouTube channel!

So, if you’re ready to stop quitting on yourself and finally grow your YouTube channel, let’s do this!


Week 1: Channel Vision

Let's layout your dream channel and use that inspiration to make that vision come to life by choosing colors, fonts, logos, content type, etc.

  • Brand mission statement + Target Audience walkthrough
  • Personalized Color Board

Week 2: Theme Consistency + Schedule

The step-by-step guide to creating a professional banner, thumbnails, and channel using the theme we laid out in Week 1. Also an explanation of an editorial calendar and how to create a consistent video schedule.

  • Exclusive video tutorials on thumbnail and banner creation
  • Digital Editorial Calendar Worksheet
  • Personalized graphics help from Hannah

Week 3: Content Creation

The easy, how-to guide for lighting, editing, and filming options––always working with your budget and equipment.

  • Editing Basics
  • Hannah's Manual Filming Guide
  • Background Setup Help
  • Video Script Worksheet

Week 4: Knowing the YouTube Algorithm

An explanation of the YouTube algorithm. How to title, tag, and describe your YouTube videos for best optimization to GET FOUND on YouTube.

  • Hannah's insights on her viral video SEO
  • A guide for knowing "What To Film"

Week 5: Social Media + Marketing

How to utilize Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook to advertise videos and grow your social media following.

  • Tools to manage your social media
  • Social Media Strategy
  • How To Make Awesome Instagram Story Graphics
  • Social Media Editorial Calander Worksheet

Week 6: Overview + Plan for Future Growth

Check in on your current channel status and make improvements. A detailed explanation of YouTube Analytics and how to use them to know your channel better. Also, set a plan for your channel's next few months.

  • Personal reflection worksheet
  • Written Out Guide to YouTube Analytics

Each week we will hop on a personalized video chat discussing the subjects listed above. After each call, you will receive digital worksheets,  exclusive video tutorials, and other tools to work on the subject of the week.


Cost of Investment: $680